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The preschool is a non-profit organization. Like all organizations of this type, it relies on an elected Executive comprised of volunteer members (parents) who work together to ensure the Preschool runs smoothly and properly. No one on the executive is paid.

New members are always welcome, and we encourage families to attend our general meetings. These meetings discuss the operations of the school as well as future plans. Also, any questions/topics can be addressed at these meetings.

Society Meeting Dates

Meetings are held at 6 pm unless otherwise stated. Dec and June’s meetings are subject to change.

August 15, 2023Executive Meeting
September 12, 2023General Meeting
October 10, 2023  Executive Meeting
November 14, 2023General Meeting
December 2023Staff/Board Christmas Gathering (TBA)
January 9, 2024General Meeting
February 13, 2024Executive Meeting
March 12, 2024General Meeting
April 9, 2024Executive Meeting
May 14, 2024Annual General Meeting – All registered families are invited!
June 11, 2024Executive Meeting for new and old board members

Meeting minutes are available upon request. Please email us at [email protected]

Our 2023/2024 Volunteer Board

Their classes are listed. Thank you to these amazing parents and their families!

President: Jocelyn Homan (4 am)
Vice President: Tiffany Skoreyko (4 am)
Treasurer: Belinda Keel (4 am)
Secretary: Ali Shick (4 am)
CommunicationsNew member welcome!
Fundraising: Alicia Holbrook(4 am)
MaintenanceMarty Dery (4 am)