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Mission & Philosophy

At Armstrong Preschool, we believe in the value and uniqueness of each child and family we serve. Our centre experience is designed to promote each child’s individual social, emotional, physical and cognitive development.

As caregivers and educators, our mission is to provide a safe and developmentally appropriate learning environment, which fosters a child’s natural instinct to explore, discover, create, and become a life long learner.

Armstrong Preschool provides an environment that is a warm, safe, and nurturing place where your child will be encouraged to build, splash, dash, pretend, and create their way to exciting discoveries about themselves and the world around them.

Our emergent and play-based programing is inclusive of all walks of life and values the variety in our community. We welcome all children and families, and honour their diverse abilities and learning styles/needs.

We encourage families to share in their children’s preschool experience and rely on their support and knowledge in the running of the preschool.

Our Teachers

We employ qualified and experienced teachers who are passionate about early childhood education.

Parent Board

Made up of volunteer parents who work with the school to organize events, fundraisers, and support the school’s programs.

Parent Portal

An online tool that allows parents to access important information once their child is enrolled.

Parent Handbook

The handbook provides detailed information about the school’s philosophy, curriculum, and program policies.

Events and Fundraising

Armstrong Preschool organizes events and fundraisers throughout the year to build community and raise funds for the school’s programs.


We’re supported by various individuals and organizations in the community who contribute resources and time to ensure the longevity and operation of our preschool.