Our Days

Circle/Sharing times include: books, songs, show & tell, turn-taking, idea sharing, puppetry, music, felt-board stories and games. Twice a month, we will have a musician visiting.

Self directed play includes free movement between our two rooms. We have a house center, blocks, playdough, puzzles, a bookshelf, a sandbox, a sensory table, paint easels and much more. We provide children with opportunities to play in small or large groups, as well as solitary play, as needed.  We always have sensory materials out, and the easel is open 24/7.  The materials and play centers evolve and change with the seasons, and as the children’s interests, needs and abilities evolve. We are striving to create a more natural environment as we move forward, and our emerging curriculum strikes a balance between open-ended and teacher lead activities. We are a technology free preschool.

Snack time is family style where children share the food they have contributed to the share basket. This is a chatty and communal part of the children’s day that fosters relationships, healthy eating (most of the time) and positive table skills. For the MWF 4s, lunch is brought from home except on Fridays. The class will help to make a shared meal. Ingredients and recipe is posted by the door on Monday.

We spend time outside daily unless it is unsafe (too cold, windy, icy). The preschool has a playground, large sandbox and some fun mud on wet days. There is plenty of room to run, roll tires or sled on the world’s smallest sledding hill, and there is plenty of shade under the trees for cooling off or just hanging around.

Transition times can be stressful for some children. We do our best to keep transitions calm, predictable, respectful and fun as we move from one part of our day to the next.


barnyard fun

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