Board Members

The Preschool is ¬†non-profit organization, and like all organizations of this type, it relies on an elected or selected Executive comprised of volunteer members (parents) who work together to ensure the Preschool runs smoothly and properly. No one on the executive is paid, with the exception of the Teacher/Teachers’ assistant.

New members are always welcome and are we encourage families to attend our General meetings. These meetings discuss the operations of the school, as well as future plans. Also, any questions or concerns anyone may have can be addressed at these meetings.

Meeting dates (all meetings are at 6pm):

September 10th 2018
November 19th 2018
January 21st 2019
March 11th 2019
May 13th 2019 **Annual General Meeting

Our 2019/2020 Board includes:

President: Andrea Lockhart (4am)
Vice President: Nadine Zakoski (4am)
Treasurer: Miranda Leroux (3am)
Secretary: Emily Runzer (3am)
Communications: Holly Gannon (3am)
Website: Kandace Turnbull (no child currently enrolled)
Fundraising  1: Laura Smutylo (4am)
Fundraising 2: Kelsey Wagner (4am)
Fundraising 3: Jessica Heltman (3am)
Maintenance: Nadine Zakoski (4am)

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to come to any of our board members or teachers.